Why Victory Vidhyalaya ?

Friendly, Caring Teaching & Non - Teaching staff members.

We create compassionate humans and not more career focused individuals.

Strictly no private tuition beyond the school training.

What is the Board School Affiliated to ?

The Schools is affiliated to the matriculation Board. Our uniqueness is in the way we are framing the exam question and 3 level of evaluation system.

About Staff members ?

Talented staff members, who are working round the clock with passion and dedicated in creating a bright young generation.

School Timings ?

9 Am to 3.30 PM

What is the Dress Code ?

Children will wear uniform and shoes during the working days.

How about Home work ?

Home work is not sent home for parents, students do it by themselves.

What is unique about the Victory school?

The Victory School is unique when compared to any other schools . It stands out with the determination to think up and implement new ideas.

We achieve academic excellence through the development of intellectual curiosity, Personal accountability and love of learning. Our comprehensive program , exceptional faculty and staff help students discover, develop and enjoy their unique talents.

The physical environment of a classroom is extremely important to effective teaching and learning.

What is the average class strength?

Class strength does not exceed 25 pupils.

Is the Victory a co-educational school?

Yes, education is provided to both boys and girls.

When should I submit an application for admission?

There is not set admissions deadline. However, in any case that there is a possibility of relocating to Coimbatore, parents are encouraged to submit all required application documents and payments as soon as possible.

Will my child enjoy the atmosphere at the school?

We are sure your child will. Children derive joy from activities they feel involved in, by creating something on their own, by showcasing them and their work, by being encouraged to do what they like to do and by being noticed for their efforts.

How will my child's performances be evaluated?

We constantly monitor if we are making clear connections between what is taught, the reason why it is taught and how that learning must be assessed. Our teachers interact and share views frequently to make sure that all assessments remain purposeful and encouraging. We create marking schemes for all assessments. And we mark answers in a manner that is both consistent and encouraging.

Does it recognize the different learning styles of children?

Yes, we understand that children are at varying cognitive levels and may have different learning styles. We try to offer every concept through different classroom techniques to make sure that all the children have learnt.

How often can parents interact with the school teachers / management?

We encourage parents to share with us their observations on their children's growth. We seek interaction with parents frequently yet in a non-obtrusive way. There are very regular parents-teachers meets where our teachers talk to parents of each child separately to share assessments and concerns.

We also encourage the parents to constantly interact with us and suggest ways to further improve our standards and learning methodologies. We are always open to suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism. Any parent can seek an appointment and meet the Principal any time of the year.

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