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Welcome To The VV

The Vision of Education is to build a strong younger generation with a sound body and a well trained mind with good habits and accomplishments conducive to a full, purposeful and noble life to blossom into an integrated personality.

The purpose of the school is not only to impart instruction but also to develop the total personality of the child by training his/her intellectual, moral, emotional, physical and aesthetic faculties to make him/her fully human.

Victory Vidhyalaya School is privileged to have a dynamic team of dedicated, highly qualified, well-experienced and committed teachers as its faculty.

Victory Vidhyalaya believes in creating empowering spaces to radiate the young children into competent, confident, enterprising adults who develop the potential to make this world a better place to live by imparting conscious learning making the students aware of their unique intelligence and thus induce knowledge through self and experimentation learning.

Fostering the ability to confidently face hindrance and strive to fulfil their academic potential thus deriving personal excellence.

Enhancing their logical, cognitive and creative capacities thereby fostering innovation. Imbibing value systems to act with conviction and stand by principles and create individuals to effectively face the ever changing world

Encouraging team spirit thereby developing leaders for better future.

To set a thoughtful environment which encourages the students in developing their individual talent and skills which in turn will build a confident, self directed, compassionate and energetic citizen.

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What We Provide?

Qualified Staffs

Play Areas

Friendly Environment

Activity Rooms

Art Music Group

Full Day Sessions

Integrated Syllabus

In Victory your kid will Become

In Life Skills

  • Principled
  • Risktakers
  • Active Contributors
  • Balanced
  • Open Minded
  • Caring
  • Self Confident

In Academies

  • Knowledgeable
  • Inquirers
  • Thinkings
  • Emphasizers
  • Self Learners

Join our Journey of dicovery

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